When it comes to media releases, also known as press releases, there are mixed feelings as to whether or not they are worth the effort. If done right, they can be well worth the effort.

However, they can also be a complete waste of time for many people. To assure the greatest result for your efforts there are some essential ingredients to a well-written release.

Before I share what they are, let’s start with what a media release is. A media release is an announcement you distribute to various online locations such as directories, your blog, social networks, and forums. Traditionally press releases were “released” to newspapers and radio and TV stations, and you can do that as well. Public service announcements (PSAs) are also submitted as press releases.

Before you write your release, determine:

Ø Your target market

Ø Where your release needs to be viewed and what media outlet serves those locations; for example, a release about a catering service should be directed to a food editor

Ø The contact person at the media outlet (if applicable)

Ø The timeframe for submission

Ø An attention-grabbing headline

Ø The who, what, when, where, why, and how that need to be included

Ø Appropriate quotes, research, and technical data

There are ample benefits to media release distribution:

1. SEO

2. Visibility

3. Credibility

4. Market awareness

5. Interview opportunities

Although the benefits are ample, don’t expect a flood of immediate traffic from your releases.

The Five Ws of Writing a Media Release

Not long ago I read an article in which the “expert” claimed that it’s not necessary to include the five Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) in a media release. Although not absolutely essential in all information you distribute, the five Ws are a great guide to use when developing a release. And most experts agree that including as much information as possible without overdoing it is advisable. To write a power-packed release, include:

Ø Who is involved – speaker, author, strategist, artist, etc.

Ø What is taking place

Ø When it is happening

Ø Where it will occur

Ø Why people would be interested in the information

To save a considerable amount of time, create a template for your media releases that can be used over and over. There is no need to reinvent the wheel each time you write one. Write the most important information first. It is not uncommon for media resources to shorten your release. This is simply part of the process and nothing to worry about.

Newsworthy Items for a Media Release

In order to have a great success with your release being selected (especially when submitting to traditional media services), the more newsworthy the subject matter, the better. Below are a few ideas for your subject matter:

Ø Offering teleseminars or seminars – especially if they are free to the public

Ø Taking on a leadership role in a professional organization

Ø A special event open to the public

Ø A fundraiser

Ø Recognition in your field

Ø Special awards

Ø Release of a book or e-product

Ø Opening of an exhibit

Ø Performing an important service to the community

Ø Running for office

Ø Inventing, manufacturing, or offering a new product or service

Ø Being involved in a major news event

Ø Offering apprenticeships, training programs, classes, or opportunities to volunteer

Ø Winning a contest, sweepstakes, or lottery

Ø Opening a business

Ø Offering franchises of your business

Here are some less newsworthy items that might get published:

Ø Moving or opening a new branch

Ø Educational achievements (including attending work-related seminars)

Ø Hosting an open house

Ø Hiring or promoting employees

Ø Annual meetings and conventions

I’m an advocate of media release distribution online. There are unlimited locations you can post your releases including media in your local market, free online services and paid services such as PRWeb.

When I’m offering an event in my local market I use both distribution to my local media including radio, television and print, as well as my service with PRWeb.

PRWeb offers a free level but the paid service is much more effective with a greater reach to various media outlets including The Associated Press.

Some good examples of press release writing are these recent releases on Press Cable:

Trend Confirmed In Use Of FollowMe Printing

The use of FollowMe print technology is not new but the company has become aware of corporate clients wanting more security and monitoring of office equipment and data transmission more than ever before.

Mr Michael Merzian, Director of Total Print Management said, “As one of Sydney’s leading specialists in delivering innovative & integrated print management, we are getting higher enquiry levels to provide innovative print management security solutions. The FollowMe printing software is one of these and gaining greater acceptance by companies concerned with security of printed material and the monitoring of it.”

FollowMe Printing Software is a complete document output management solution, which reduces unnecessary printing and gives control to manage print and coping usage. The industry leading FollowMe print roaming technology enhances workforce productivity while protecting the valuable business data. FollowMe reduces unnecessary costs and provides security by requiring users to authenticate with swipe cards at the output device to release print jobs.

Mr Merzian said, “The changing aspects of Printer equipment and multifunction devices is occurring at break neck speed. We are committed to staying abreast of ‘state of the art’ technology as it emerges, just like the FollowMe software solutions for clients security and monitoring needs in 2017.”

About Total Print Management

Total Print Management is Sydney based and offers business owners a range of integrated print management solutions including Print Management Agreements for: Photocopier Repairs as well as repairs of printers and multifunction devices, Supply of toners for all office equipment, service agreements for all office equipment and leasing of printers & MFP devices.

These services are all tailored for individual client requirements using efficient solutions and the latest technology.

They have a broad customer base spread across the Sydney metropolitan area and customers range from individual homeowners through to large multi nationals. The company also works with insurance and construction companies, corporate and public organisations as well as Government authorities.

Learn more about Total Print Management by visiting their website.

Contact Info:

Name: Michael Merzian

Organization: Total Print Management Pty Ltd      Phone: 1300 366 164

Address: Suite 72/23, 23 Narabang Way Belrose,  NSW 2085, Australia

Nexus Business Sales’ Asian Alliances Bear Fruit

Nexus Business Sales (NBS) is pleased to report that the work it has done over the last 4 years in establishing its operations in Indonesia and Singapore is creating opportunities in the New Zealand market place. Together with its mid market M&A partner firm, Mandanex Capital, it has also established a number of strategic alliances across the Asian region.

Sean Synnott, the Wanaka based Director of NBS, said “We have been working hard for a number of years now to establish alliances with a number of leading players across the Asian region, and to bring the regional access that offers into the NZ market. This brings both inbound and outbound investment opportunities at the mid-market level, but also for successful SME businesses. Our team has a long history of living and working across Asia, and with feet on the ground there, we bring a unique service.”

Commenting from Auckland New Zealand, Nexus Business Sales’ North East Asia Development Manager, Kenji Yamaguchi highlighted the benefits that strategic alliances bring. “Our alliances with a range of well established M&A firms in Japan are bringing genuine buyers into the New Zealand market. These buyers are very comfortable dealing with a company such as ourselves who understands the real world operating environments in both countries”.

NBS is a leading New Zealand Business Brokers based out of New Zealand’s South Island, and has business brokers operating in all the main centers across the country. Mandanex has representation in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.

To learn more about the New Zealand operations and the services offered, visit the website here: https://www.nexusbiz.co.nz

About Nexus International Group

Nexus International Group companies provide ‘best in class’ services in the areas of M&A and business sales. They also perform business valuations and advisory work in the lead in to your proposed transaction. The operations are located through NZ, Australia, Indonesia and other parts of Asia. The team blends experienced executives with highly qualified younger talent.

Nexus International Group boast many years of on the ground experience across Asia, which brings a depth of networks and practical know how in those markets. Nexus International bring together teams needed to represent mid-market companies through to small family business owner businesses Like Rubbish Removal in Sydney seeking investors for growth or divestment.

Media Contact

Sean Synnott

Nexus Business Sales

Phone: +64 3 443 0043

Email:   info@nexusbiz.co.nz

Address: 14 Dunmore Street, Wanaka, New Zealand 9343

Website: https://www.nexusbiz.co.nz


Australian FX Broker Reviews

Incontro Media refers readers to Online Brokers Australia’s website for reviews of FX brokers working under ASIC control in Australia including these:
Online Brokers Australia is an authority website for extensive reviews of Australian FX brokers

Forex Brokers Review Site Releases Updated Comparison Guide

An updated forex brokers review and comparison guide has been released helping to make it easier for Australian traders to find reputable, Australian regulated online Forex brokers who meet their foreign exchange trading needs. Online Brokers Australia, was designed especially to help make a complicated process become simpler and easier. The reputable company provides trustworthy and unbiased reviews, placing an emphasis on user experience and customer support.

The site explains that the company separates itself from its competition by offering a high level of service and striving to ensure they can make the complicated process of finding a reputable broker that meets the unique needs of the customer as easy as possible.

It can often be difficult to find reputable brokers, and currency traders often worry about how reliable, safe and trustworthy these brokers are. This can cause unnecessary stress and add time on to their day where it can be better spent trading the markets.

Online Brokers Australia only lists a handful of handpicked quality brokers in each of the three foreign exchange categories (ECN Forex brokers, fixed spread brokers and standard variable spread FX brokers). Each broker is Australian regulated, meets the stringent requirement test run by Online Brokers Australia, and has a unique value proposition.

In addition to this, the company makes it easier for its customers because it provides independent, detailed reviews that provide clear information on the brokers, along with summaries of what they offer and clear ratings that provide an instant snapshot.

These reviews provide broker ratings, advantages and disadvantages of each forex broker, and an in depth consumer report on what the broker offers, and who they could be most suited to. This helps people to quickly and efficiently make decisions based on what they’re looking for.

Online Brokers Australia explains that in today’s business world, everyone can trade on a wide variety of markets, including the foreign exchange markets, but the hard part is really narrowing down the list of brokers available and finding one that is a good match. That’s where the company can help to streamline the process.

More information is available on the above URL, where interested parties may get in touch with Online Brokers Australia using the contact details provided.

More information can be found at: https://www.onlinebrokersaustralia.com.au

Online Brokers Australia has released an updated forex broker guide to make it easier for traders to find reputable FX brokers who suit their needs. It provides detailed, independent reviews that help streamline the process.

Stuart Young
Online Brokers Australia
Level 36, Governor Phillip Tower
1 Farrer Place  SYDNEY NSW 2000
Australia  +61 (02) 8880 9022

Immigration Agent Expects Continued Growth on Back of Census Data

Australian Immigration Agency, a leading Australian Immigration consultancy, expects the strong growth they are experiencing to continue due to the continued strength in immigration numbers recently released by The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Mrs Ruby Fowdar, CEO of Australian Immigration Agency said, “We are a beneficiary of increasing immigration numbers as more people are needing the services of an expert immigration agent to assist gain entry into Australia” She went on to say, “The same is being experienced with Australians needing assistance in relocating to other countries where the entry documentation and issues encountered of some can be quite complex.”

Migrants to Australia tended to live in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, a trend seen in Australia since the late 1940s.  The 2016 Australian Census reported that just under half of all migrants in Australia lived in these two cities, with 1.4 million residents of Sydney being born overseas. The Australian Bureau of Statistics in their latest report on the 2016 Census confirms that there were 16,000 migrants arriving to Sydney each month alone.

Mrs Fowdar said, “We have been providing immigration services to local and international clients for several years now and there has been a marked increase in requests for our assistance in recent years. This increase in enquiry is in line with the growth in new arrivals seeking temporary and permanent residency in the country, as detailed in the latest Census data. We expect our strong revenue growth to continue as the enquiry level from those wanting to immigrate to Australia shows no sign of abating.”

About Australian Immigration Agency

Australian Immigration Agency (AIA) comprises of a team of registered migration agents Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth who are experts in Australian migration law. They provide professional advice to onshore and offshore applicant and personally assist with both temporary and permanent residency visa applications.

Australian Immigration Agency have office locations in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

To learn more about the Australian Immigration Agency and their services visit the website here: 

Media Contact Info:

Name: Mrs Ruby Fowdar

Organization: Australian Immigration Agency

MARN: 1173926

Telephone: +61 (7) 3012 6676

Address: Level 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Credit Repair Clinic Offer No Win – No Pay Engagements

Leading Australian credit repair company Credit Repair Clinic encourages those seeking repair of their credit history to only engage an organisation that charges all fees on a no win – no pay basis as they do.

One of Australia’s leading credit repair companies Credit Repair Clinic encourages those seeking repair of their credit history to only engage an organisation that charges all fees on a no win – no pay basis.

Mrs Mary Trimarchi principal of Credit Repair Clinic said, “Those seeking to clean up their credit history should only engage credit repair companies that fully understand the complexity of the work. Too many people proceed with inexperienced operators and pay high fees up front for removal of defaults when not all can be removed.” He She went on to say, “We only charge fees on a no win – no pay basis and our clients appreciate this transparency.”

There is quite an array of billing methods employed by credit repair Australia wide companies from a single up front fee, billing scale percentages for completed work, right through to the no win – no pay method that Credit Repair Clinic employs. To learn more about this billing method visit the website via this link.

Mrs Trimarchi said, “It is important that the company engaged also looks at all credit reporting agencies and no just VEDA. There have been numerous instances with competitors only cleaning up the credit history on some databases like Veda and not all platforms being used by financial institutions. We ensure a comprehensive clean of the client’s credit record is achieved and only then request any payment.”

Not many people know the benefits of having their credit history repaired. The savings can be significant as shown in the following example: The interest rate difference between a good loan to someone with a good credit record and what is offered to a borrower with an impaired history can be in the order of 3%. On a $100,000 loan paid back over 10 years, the savings over the ten years in getting the credit history fixed prior to getting the loan advanced and avoiding this penalty margin can be in the order of $25,000.

Media Contact Info:

Name: Mrs Mary Trimarchi

Organization: Credit Repair Clinic

Address: PO BOX 3044 Parramatta, NSW Australia 2124

Phone: +61 (02) 9890 2655

Hiring of The Classic Tiffany Chair Still Popular For Sydney Weddings

Leading Sydney event hire company, The Party Hire Group, confirms the trend is continuing to grow for weddings event planners hiring The Tiffany Chair for guests to sit on at weddings they arrange.

The tiffany chair, also know as the Chivari chair, is the most elegant event chair available for hire. This chair is the most sought after for weddings and engagement parties in Sydney. The Chivari chair can transform a wedding setting, offering pure beauty and comfort. For those wanting a more modern look than the traditional white or gold tiffany chair hire, the clear tiffany chair, especially for wedding receptions is increasing in popularity.

The modern Tiffany chair look is very much in line with its original design crafted in 1855. They look extremely stylish, are very practical and exceptionally comfortable to sit on for long periods, as required for corporate and celebratory events.

Lavish events held across Sydney, and other cities of Australia, require large numbers of tables and chairs. Event organisers have been able to accommodate this by engaging specialist hire companies like The Hire Group that provide tiffany chair hire Sydney wide.

The Tiffany chair was designed in 1807 by Italian designer Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi. The designer lived in the town of Chiavari, on the northwestern Italian coast. Because of its design origins, the chair is also known as a Chiavari chair.

The chair was accepted as a great design then that became known as the tiffany chair and brought rise to many factories opening in Chiavari and surrounding towns. Today it is still seen as an elegant chair to suited to compliment regal events and is now manufactured globally.

To learn more about party hire Melbourne services of The Party Hire Group, including the popular white and gold tiffany chair hire visit the website.

Business Contact Details:

Address: Unit 1/26 Mcilwraith Street, Wetherill Park, NSW, Sydney 2164

Phone: 1300-33-99-81